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We provide engineers & scientists with accurate and reliable data on the thermal properties of any materials they work with.


At TherMap Solutions we are building the next generation of thermal characterization technologies.

Our instruments are designed from the ground up to be able to accurately characterize even the most challenging high-performance materials and structures.

Measuring the thermal properties of thin films, multilayer structures and composites has been a notoriously difficult task, but a critically important one as they are increasingly used in applications where they need to withstand high heat loads. In modern electronics, high power densities are becoming more common – e.g. in power electronics for electric vehicles, batteries, high performance computing, telecommunication electronics (5G) – which leads to increased self heating and presents challenges for thermal management. Furthermore, the high-temperature conditions of the next generation aerospace engines and nuclear reactors also demand superior thermal performance from the components.  

To design electronics and cooling systems that can handle the increased thermal loads, engineers need accurate data on how heat propagates

in the materials they are using. Inaccurate thermal conductivity data can lead to design flaws and consequently, to devices that overheat and operate inefficiently or even suffer catastrophic failures and cause accidents.

Our thermal characterization instruments offer fast

and easy measurement of thermal properties – such as thermal conductivity and diffusivity, thermal boundary and contact resistance – with unparalleled measurement accuracy and reliability, on any materials, especially the aforementioned thin films, multilayer structures and composites which are very challenging for conventional measurements techniques.

Our dedicated team spent several years on reinventing the optical technique called transient thermoreflectance. This technique utilises the absorption and reflection of laser beams occurring on material surfaces. Our advanced thermoreflectance technique offers superior performance compared to e.g. laser flash, guarded hot plate and transient plane source techniques.


TherMap Solutions is a recent spinout from the 

Center for Device Thermography and Reliability

(University of Bristol), a world-leading research group headed by Prof. Martin Kuball. The company embodies

over 20 years of research and expertise in thermal characterisation and management. TherMap Solutions

was brought to life through the renowned incubator, the Quantum Technologies Enterprise Centre

We are headquartered in Bristol’s vibrant science innovation hub, the Unit DX. 

In addition to providing thermal characterization instruments, we are also offering thermal characterisation services. If you are in need to measure the thermal properties of your materials, look no further.




Mail: info@thermapsolutions.com

Tel: +44 7452 860 251

Postal address:

TherMap Solutions

HH Wills Physics Laboratory

Tyndall Avenue


United Kingdom


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